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Home » Why We Are Wrong When We Think We Are Right: Chaehan So (Transcript)

Why We Are Wrong When We Think We Are Right: Chaehan So (Transcript)

Full text of psychological researcher Chaehan So’s talk: Why we are wrong when we think we are right at TEDxMünchen conference.


Hi, I’m Chaehan So. And you just saw me coming in and you saw how I’m dressed today. And before I even started talking, I bet you had formed your first impression on me.

Now, let me ask you just two details: how old am I and where am I from?

Well, if I were you, I would have guessed, “This is just a, like, 30-year-old, crazy guy from Korea who tries to bring breakdance back to Germany.”

Well, the true answer is I am 43 years old, and I was born here in Munich and I grew up here in Germany.

Now, how many of you have guessed this right? Please raise your hands. Okay.

Now, this happens to me all the time. People misjudge my age or my origin.

But …think about yourself now. Do you remember that somebody misjudged you? Maybe unfairly? Or do you remember a time that it was you who misjudged somebody else?

Today, I’m going to talk about why we are likely to make such mistakes in our judgment and how we can avoid making these mistakes by a simple principle.

But before I start explaining, let me ask you just one more question. Do you get annoyed by people who always want to be right? Please raise your hands. Okay.

Well, you know, this reminds me of a woman I met seven years ago when I started my PhD in psychology. She told me, “Oh, Chaehan, it’s great that you do this research in psychology, but, you know, for me, this is not necessary because when it comes to people, I am always right. “No, really. I always observe that people behave exactly the way I predicted.”

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