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Home » 7 Things To Do Before You Graduate College: Liz Wessel (Transcript)

7 Things To Do Before You Graduate College: Liz Wessel (Transcript)

Liz Wessel at TEDxRutgers

Full text of entrepreneur Liz Wessel’s talk: 7 Things To Do Before You Graduate College at TEDxRutgers conference. In this talk, she highlights 7 things she believes each student should do before they graduate and how these actions will affect who they grow up to be.

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Liz Wessel – Entrepreneur

So I’m here to talk to you guys today about seven things that I hope all of you do before you graduate.

So I’m passionate about this talk for two main reasons:

The first reason is that I quit my job at Google, as he mentioned, to start an entire company just around one of these seven things and it’s the seventh one.

And then the second reason is because I have too many friends who have graduated from school, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on their education, after spending four years of their life, if not more, on their education… and then they come and they tell me how much they regret not doing something.

And I don’t want anyone in this room to feel that way ever.

So I’m going to tell you the seven things that I hear most often.

So the first one is cold email.

So I am obsessed with cold emailing. So first of all what does it mean to cold email?

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