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Home » AI, Man & God: Prof. John Lennox (Full Transcript)

AI, Man & God: Prof. John Lennox (Full Transcript)

John Anderson (Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia) was joined on his podcast by mathematician, bioethicist and Christian apologist Professor John Lennox. Here in this discussion is centered on the current and future impacts of artificial intelligence technology. Below is the full transcript of the podcast:

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:


JOHN ANDERSON: It’s an extraordinary privilege for me to be in Oxford and able to talk personally to Professor John Lennox, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, for years a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Wales in Cardiff. He’s lectured extensively all over the world. He’s written widely. Interestingly, he’s spent a lot of time in Russia and Ukraine after the collapse of Communism and is deeply grieved to see what is happening there and the idea that young men on both sides, that he and others have taught and mentored, may now be fighting one another into the dust and these dangerous times in which we live.

But amongst these many writings, he’s gifted us a very useful book. He tells me he’s already updating it on artificial intelligence and the future of humanity called 2084, which says a lot in the sense that we all know about 1984. I think you’re telling us that there are some troubling things coming up.

John, thank you so much for your time.

PROF. JOHN LENNOX: It’s my pleasure to be with you.


JOHN ANDERSON: Can we begin — over the past two years during the COVID pandemic, but also with climate change, we hear this phrase a lot in Australia and it seems internationally, trust the science. Strikes me that in our allegedly secular age, trust and faith are still seen as pretty important. We haven’t walked away from them.

Do you think those who are accused of not trusting the science are frequently seen as somehow rationally and even morally deficient? In an age of crisis, is science becoming a new savior in inverted commas?

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