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Home » 7 Steps of Creative Thinking: Raphael DiLuzio (Full Transcript)

7 Steps of Creative Thinking: Raphael DiLuzio (Full Transcript)

Here is the full text and summary of Raphael DiLuzio’s talk titled “7 Steps of Creative Thinking” at TEDxDirigo conference.

Listen to the audio version here:


Raphael DiLuzio – Art Professor

Hello, thank you. I’m going to be talking today about things lost and things discovered. I’ll also be talking about demystifying the creative process.

To start, I have to begin with a little background story and a question. How many of you have suffered one great loss or another in your lives? Okay, it’s a room full.

Well, we are told that we’re not defined by the loss, but we’re defined by how we respond to it. And that holds true for also things that happen to us that are good. It’s not the events that happen to us, but it’s about how we respond to those events.

Our Response To Events Defines Us

I am recovering from what they call a post-concussive condition. I had nine concussions, which is a few too many in my life. I think after the age of ten, you’re only supposed to have three, and people have to collect something, so why not collect concussions? But with concussions, when you recover from it, they call it post-concussive disorder. And many of the boys that are girls and girls that are coming back from overseas are suffering from something similar called post-concussive disorder, which we’re just beginning to find out about.

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