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Home » A Writer’s Secrets to Catching Creative Ideas: Brad Herzog (Transcript)

A Writer’s Secrets to Catching Creative Ideas: Brad Herzog (Transcript)

Full text of author Brad Herzog’s talk: A writer’s secrets to catching creative ideas at TEDxMonterey conference. In this personal talk, the award-winning freelance writer shares some of his favorite stories and best kept secrets for pursuing and catching great ideas.

Notable quote from this talk:

“I wonder about everything, even the most mundane things.”

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:


Brad Herzog – Author

This is me: 1978 summer camp, Northern Wisconsin. I had a full head of hair. I had Buddy Holly glasses and I swear to you at the other end of that fishing line, I had a huge fish.

Unfortunately, there’s no photo to prove it. Nobody thought of taking a picture of the TAM fish. But that’s okay. Use your imagination. Think of all the possibilities at the other end of that line. And that’s essentially what I’m going to talk about today is creative possibilities.

As a writer, as the author of more than 30 books and scores of magazine articles, and I’ve been a freelance writer for more than two decades, I’m often asked about the writing process: Where do you write? When do you write? How do you write? Valid questions.

But that ignores half the battle when you’re trying to craft a literary masterpiece. And that is simply this: What the heck are you going to write about?

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