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Home » Can Talking to Strangers Boost Your Creativity: David Sturt (Transcript)

Can Talking to Strangers Boost Your Creativity: David Sturt (Transcript)

David Sturt at TEDxSaltLakeCity

Following is the full transcript of author David Sturt’s talk titled “Can Talking to Strangers Boost Your Creativity?” at TEDxSaltLakeCity conference.


David Sturt – Author of Great Work: How to Make a Difference People Love

A group of heart surgeons were gathered together to discuss a very difficult problem that they were encountering.

Following heart surgery, a number of young patients had died unexpectedly. These doctors worked in a London children’s hospital and they were struggling to try to identify where the problems were and what they could do to fix them.

After a lot of looking at the data, they discovered that the problem was here. It was in this critical handoff following the surgery in the operating room as they were moving the patients into the intensive care unit where they would get better over the next several weeks.

They found that there was a breakdown. There were communications and technology breakdowns that happened in this important transfer. And they were struggling with how to fix it. It was very complicated.

As you would unplug all of the equipment from the stationary equipment to mobile equipment and then back again, there were a whole group of doctors and nurses that were involved in this critical transition.

And as they wracked their brains on how to solve this, they felt like it was overwhelming. One of the doctors, after a long surgery one Sunday morning, happened to notice in the background in the doctors’ lounge, what was playing on the television was a Formula 1 race. And he enjoyed it and was watching it.

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