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Amazing Amazon Story by Jeff Bezos Full Speech (Transcript)

Jeff Bezos

Real story of – Jeff Bezos Full Speech Full Text…

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Hello, I am Garth Fagan. I am going to be speaking to you about choreography!

Almost seven years ago now, I started this most incredible journey called Actually at that time, it wasn’t even called Amazon. It was called Cadabra, Inc. — as in Abracadabra. That was the original name of the company. wasn’t called Amazon at first

And I had phoned a lawyer on the way to Seattle from a cell phone. And he said – what do you do to incorporate the company. He said, what do you want the company to be called, and I said Cadabra. And he said, Cadaver, and he thought that was a bad name. We changed it a few months later.

The wake-up call that led to starting was finding that web usage in the spring of 1994 was growing at 2300% a year. And things just do not grow that fast. Outside of, I guess, usually like petri dishes or something. I mean it’s a very very unusual growth rate and that you could tell anecdotally even though there wasn’t good research on this at the time, the baseline of web usage wasn’t trivial.

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