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Home » Ideas & Technology Can Change the World by Alibaba Founder Jack Ma (Transcript)

Ideas & Technology Can Change the World by Alibaba Founder Jack Ma (Transcript)

Jack Ma

Jack Ma, the Founder of Alibaba Group, in this talk at Stanford Graduate School of Business on May 4, 2013 discusses why embracing change is critical for global leaders managing the fast turnover of technology. He spoke in Mandarin.


Two years ago I came here. Last time I made a speech in English. So today I’m going to speak in Chinese.

I’m very grateful for the support from Stanford and everyone. So yesterday, actually I participated in this TMZ event in Los Angeles. These are the last few days of my being the CEO, so probably this may be the last event I’m going to attend.

So I feel that today’s event is really significant. I have seen a lot of old friends, some of the friends have been with us for more than 10 years. So while I was sitting with the audience I was reflecting upon the past, I feel this era is significant.

Actually Dr. Wang just shared with us an anecdote. That was a real story.

In 1995 or 1997, I was riding my bike to work and I saw actually some people were trying to steal stuff. They were small in stature. What I did is started running around to see whether I would see a policeman. You know in 5 minutes I wasn’t able to find the policeman.

I remembered that a kid actually fell into the hole so I thought that somebody had to stop them. So they looked at me and they charged ahead; they thought I was going to run away. I don’t know where I found courage but I said those people are thieves and those thieves should be stopped. I saw that I was being videotaped and I realized actually I was on TV, so it was just a test.

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