AngryCentaurGaming Presents Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) Review (Transcript)

Hello, fellow freaks fresh from the far off foreign lands. This is Karak from AngryCentaurGaming and today I’m stoked in a little bit tired but I did it all to bring you the review of Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V. This is either going to be One Night In Bangkok, the song or One Night In Bangkok, the sad autobiography of a vacation gone wrong. Let’s do this.

Now we all know that Take-Two fought an uphill battle to get GTA 5 made. The game has been known to be lackluster, not that financially successful, if, of course, you compare them to Canada which I’m not going to do because that would be unfair to Canadians and the moose.

But seriously folks, we all know the game is coming out which is why its arrival is a bit like a kick from Cro Cop. You expected, then suddenly it’s there and you’re like holy shit! And also now you’re pregnant with twins due to transfer of sheer awesomeness, often imitated but never quite eclipsed. This is GTA (Grand Theft Auto) number five. So let me adjudicate my memories of their pollinated spermatozoa.

GTA tells a tale of three men in the same spot in life. One wants to escape it; one wants to embrace it, and one is just sort of batshit crazy like the idea at one time of making a car made up of silly putty and dead birds didn’t work. So let’s see if the game’s story fares better.

First up is graphics. Like the dead horse you tried to hide under your bed for a week, the graphics of Grand Theft Auto, GTA are the first thing that’s going to be noticed when someone visits. Firstly, the game was apparently written by great white sharks, confederate spies and Patrick Stewart, because that is the only team I feel could be responsible for squeezing the 360 so hard it shits almost pure awesomeness throughout.

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Sure, there’s some pop ups and at times it does get rough and sure, the bullshit anti-aliasing we saw on the trailers isn’t always there. But we knew that. The debs of mastered machines that are like old NASA mainframes in there in inadequacy and offered not only improvements to the graphics of previous titles but more variation to the pedestrians some keen special effects and mostly stable frame rate.

If any of you have seen the iCEnhancer mods for GTA IV, you know that a tweaked version of that game can look amazing. It can also light your video card on fire. I find that GTA 5 is a good middle ground between pure excellence in lighting and having some kind of black hole open up and swallow your face, because what you’re seeing can’t exist. The lighting is excellent and though the simmering shadows of GTA 4 pop up here and there, the overall effect is simply stellar, truly is a step above GTA 4 in all regards when it comes to graphics.

Now the frame fate is a tough one, because it’s noticeable during the times you would not want it to be, which is driving in heavy traffic at top speed but for the most part it simply requires you to really pay attention during those bits and in the end the issue is negated fairly well, though most people will notice it to some extent or another.

Texturing, model detail and placement are uniformly excellent but if they weren’t, it would be a bigger surprise than the continued tradition of excellence. The level of detail in some buildings is idiot savant level, or these are the most bored developers of all time that just spent hours placing the cereal boxes just fucking right. The level of detail and care is almost disturbingly obscene and I worry at least a couple of these guys might be modeling homes after ex-girlfriend’s apartments in some kind of stalking situation.

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Sound, music and voice acting. I found the sound effects for cars, guns and various explosions to be average to good with nothing indicating greatness, nor anything sticking its head up and yelling sup and hit you over the head with a shitty sound. It’s all around good and does the job.

When it comes to the music, we all know that the music for GTA would be good and it is. But it’s also very important to remember that the radio station system they use will leave many players with a good deal of stations they would rather castrate themselves with the two by four, then listen to.

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