CEO of Kwik Learning Jim Kwik Discusses Unleash Your Brain Power (Transcript)

Jim Kwik

[Robyn Benson, Founder of The Self-Care Revolution and Santa Fe Soul, interviews Jim Kwik, CEO of Kwik Learning & Co-Founder of SuperheroYou here in this session called Unleash Your Brain Power]

Robyn Benson: Hello everyone. And welcome to Month Four of Self-Care Revolution. I am Robyn Benson. I’m a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and also the founder of Santa Fe Soul Health & Healing Center.

Kevin Snow: And I’m Kevin Snow, an Intuitive Counselor and The Desert Shaman. And I also work here in Santa Fe Soul in beautiful Santa Fe.

Robyn Benson: So here we are in Month Four as I mentioned Unleashing Your Brain Power. This is – as you can see, we started out last week with Michael Gelb and Dr. Tom O’Brien. And we’re so excited to introduce to you today Jim Kwik. But before that I know we have a ton of people online right now and many of you this might be your first time to the Self-Care Revolution.

And just to give you a little bit of background. This is a 12-month series and each month is – we have a specific theme like we started out with Thoughts and Food as Medicine. And so we are going right into the next month. It’s all going to be about earthing and electro-sanitizing your life. And our big mission with the Self-Care Revolution is to help people to be aware and be active at this time to be very exciting but it’s a time more than ever where we have to make self-care a priority.

So through the Self-Care Revolution, our desire and our mission is to help save millions of lives, to help people not only prevent the disease from happening but to reverse diseases that are already being set up in our bodies. And just to have that knowing that we each have the choice every single day to stay healthy and to be healthy and to live this vision and mission of our life each and every day. Maybe you want to add to that?

Kevin Snow: Yes, and we’ve got this amazing live event coming up which is – this one into later June 21st and it’s called Self-Care Bliss. We’ve got a lot of the speakers that we’ve had on already and are coming together in live –

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Robyn Benson: We’ve got Norm Shealy, Bob Doyle…

Kevin Snow: Yeah, oh my God!

Robyn Benson: Larry Dossey…

Kevin Snow: It’s a party.

Robyn Benson: And we’d love to — our speaker here Jim Kwik, how are you? Thank you for being here, Jim.

Jim Kwik: I am doing fantastic. Thank you, both. That was any better. I love the energy here. That was any better my name with the Dr. Robyn Benson.

Robyn Benson: You are so sweet. So Jim Kwik, I am so fortunate that I met you a couple of months ago and I was telling – I mentioned the Self-Care Revolution. I just want to say thank you for saying yes, because I know you are a busy man. You mentioned last year you travel 190 days, you’re all over the world and here you are with us because I sense — certainly there is commonality with this being my pleasure.

And so for all of you who are with us, Jim Kwik, the CEO of Kwik Learning has taught speed reading, memory improvement and accelerated learning for two decades. His clients include Marriot, Virgin, Nike, Fox, Zappos, Singularity and Harvard University, just to name a few. His work is featured in the New York Times Best Selling Book “Unleash Your Brain To Change Your Age”. Jim’s trainings are used in over 80 countries. He is the founder of SuperheroYou Brainpower Conference which is coming up once again in October.

So here you are. Thank you so much once again.

Kevin Snow: Welcome.

Jim Kwik: Thank you so much both of you, Robyn and Kevin. And I want to also thank everyone who is listening to this. I know your time is incredibly valuable and I respect you. I respect you for showing up and being part of the solution and being part of this movement. And it’s so exciting time, such an exciting time and this is one of my favorite subject and never get to talk about this really but just self-care. So thank you for creating this platform for everyone to be able to benefit from.

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Robyn Benson: Thank you, Jim.

Kevin Snow: It is a revolution, kind of like your revolutionary learning technique.

Jim Kwik: There is a revolution. There is an evolution. And I’d say, I really think that everyone as you’re listening to this I encourage you to notes. And I hope everyone is just finding your passion, I think we can only be truly happy when you are living your soul’s purpose. And the thing is, the challenge is as we’re now living in this fast-paced world where information is flying us from every direction and we’re multi-tasking. And there’s just — lot of people think that there’s not enough time and sometimes I notice a lot of people because they’re very self-less and they’re here to serve, they are going out there and they’re being a hero to their job and to their family and to their friends and to the people, everyone else but sometimes not themselves.

Sometimes I notice even some of the people that we attract in our tribe and our community, our student, sometimes they are out there helping everybody and they are putting themselves less. And it’s really hard to be able to give somebody something that you don’t have yourself. And so I am really excited about this call, this conversation and what you’re putting together, so.

Kevin Snow: Thank you. Yeah, we have mentioned before we got on the call that you just – your really – your mission here is to pack as much as possible. Without, of course, overloading people, right, or at least teaching them how to handle that –

Jim Kwik: I hope so. We’ll totally do that.

Kevin Snow: Thanks.

Jim Kwik: Yeah, so I want to be able to serve people who are listening, so I encourage people to take notes and I think one of the best ways – just a quick recommendation is lot of times people are listening to a call, or go to a seminar and they learn something really good. So what will happen is they’ll forget it. Just like there is a learning curve, there is also a forgetting curve. And so within – if you’ve ever gone to a seminar or an event and you listen to a call and you learned some really good stuff but usually what happens after a day or so, up to 90% of that information could be gone. One of the best ways to get hold of that information is by taking notes. So I encourage people to take notes, and I encourage people to either do a whole brain note taking process, if you are familiar with mind mapping from Tony Buzan, or a very simple thing you could do as you are listening to this as we go through these strategies, and I teach you strategies to able to read faster to overcome overload, teach you strategies to be able to improve your focus, to be able to improve your memory even.

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And I know that’s a subject that a lot of people are very interested in, maybe senior moments are coming a little bit early or your memory lapses, a little bit absent minded, can’t remember where you put your phone or your wallet or your purse, or your keys, or if not your keys something larger like your car. People can’t remember where they parked the car, they’re kind of wondering in the parking lot. And so we’ll talk about memory tips but what you can do is with a piece of paper and I like taking notes. It’s kind of most people are used to typing. I think there is something magical that happens when you hand write something. But I would take a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and on the left side I put capture — capture right on top. And on the right side I put create. So two tips, on the left side, capture, on the right side, create. And on the left side is where I am taking notes.

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