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Home » Awakening your Organic Bravery: Liudmila Schafer (Transcript)

Awakening your Organic Bravery: Liudmila Schafer (Transcript)

Full text of Liudmila Schafer’s TEDx Talk titled ‘Awakening your Organic Bravery’ at TEDxWhiting conference.

Listen to the audio version:


Liudmila Schafer – Oncologist

Let me take you back to the summer of 1978. I was on vacation with my family. I was sitting on the rock at the ocean’s edge, looking at the turquoise sparkling water. In an instant, everything went dark, except for tiny bubbles floating past my face. I couldn’t breathe. Everything went black.

Next thing I knew, I was lying down on the beach. Then I realized I was about to die. I almost drowned. And for the next several decades, I could not put my face under the water. Early on in life I experienced a real fear for the first time.

But my childhood wasn’t through with me yet. A few months later, my family was at the beautiful lake, surrounded by pine and oak trees. It was fun. I was splashing in the clear water. Suddenly, I looked up, and our car was gone. Mom and Dad left without me. I froze.

What am I going to do now? Think! I quickly decided to run to our farmhouse over a mile away. As I was running as fast as I could, tears were streaming down my face. The sun was unbearable. The unpaved road was so hot, so then I had to run on the side of the road, but the dry short grass cut into the soles of my feet.

I was swallowed in clouds of death from passing cars, a taste of grit in my mouth. I couldn’t breathe due to the dust and crying. But I kept running.

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