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Home » Breaking the Silence about Childhood Trauma: Dani Bostick (Transcript)

Breaking the Silence about Childhood Trauma: Dani Bostick (Transcript)

Full text of educator Dani Bostick’s talk titled “Breaking the Silence about Childhood Trauma” at TEDxGreenville conference.

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Dani Bostick – Educator, Writer, and Advocate

So what do you think about when you hear Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? Military. Exactly. And there’s a reason for that. There’s a lot of service members who have PTSD.

And there’s also another reason for that. The injury that troops suffer happens very, very far away, and that injury is happening to people we consider heroes. So that’s a very very safe way for us to talk about PTSD; it’s a safe way for us to talk about trauma because it happens far away, and it’s happening to very strong people.

PTSD doesn’t just affect veterans, however. That’s me. I was enrolled in gymnastics. That’s right around the time I discovered I wasn’t very good at gymnastics because Dominique Dawes signed up for my class.

And in hindsight, maybe I could have been OK-ish at gymnastics but at that time, I was like, ‘You know what, this just isn’t for me.’

So, I started taking swim lessons and I joined a swim team, and that’s when my trauma began, because my swim coach was a predator and he sexually abused me for five years, from the age of seven to around 12.

So, lots of people think that PTSD is just for veterans, but it can affect children too; just like it affected me. And I’m not alone in my experience at all. 1 in 8 children suffers enough trauma to have long-lasting negative effects, in terms of both mental health and physical health, well into adulthood.

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