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Home » Carol Bartz’s 2012 Spring Commencement at UW Madison (Full Transcript)

Carol Bartz’s 2012 Spring Commencement at UW Madison (Full Transcript)

Carol Bartz at UW Madison 2012

The following is the full transcript of Former Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz’s 2012 spring commencement speech at UW Madison

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Carol Bartz’s 2012 Spring Commencement at UW Madison


Announcer: ….to introduce you to Carol Bartz, who will deliver the charge to the graduates. Carol has extensive experience leading complex global technology companies while CEO of Yahoo, the world’s premier digital media company, Carol modernized technology platforms, acquired companies for expansion, divested businesses for focus, ignited partnerships, cut costs, expanded margins, and grew consumer audience to 800 million people. Not a small task.

Prior to Yahoo, she was promoted after 12 years of successfully leading AutoDesk as CEO to the executive chairman until February 2009, when she agreed to lead Yahoo. Earlier in her career, Carol held several business leadership positions at Sun Microsystems, including vice president of the worldwide field operations and served as executive officer of the company.

Carol is currently the lead director on the board of Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking. She also serves as the director of the National Medals of Science and Technology Foundation and as trustee of the Paley Center for Media. She has also served on other public company boards, including Intel and NetApp. Carol is known for her strong leadership style, is frequently featured as a prominent business leader in the industry, and is regularly listed as one of Fortune’s most powerful women. Carol supports key causes important to her including the American Breast Cancer Foundation and the American Heart Association. We are deeply honored and gratified that Carol is with us today. Please join me in welcoming Carol Bartz.

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