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Home » Transcript: Taika Waititi on The Art of Creativity at TEDxDoha

Transcript: Taika Waititi on The Art of Creativity at TEDxDoha

Taika Waititi

Here is the full transcript of Film director Taika Waititi’s TEDx Talk: The Art of Creativity at TEDxDoha

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Taika Waititi on The Art of Creativity at TEDxDoha


Announcer: Are you ready for Taika Waititi? All the way from New Zealand. Taika Waititi, please.

Taika Waititi – Film director

Thank you. Thank you very much. My name is Taika Waititi, as she said. It’s very nice to be here, and time starts now.

Basically, I’m – this is a quick run through of what I’m going to talk about tonight. First, I thought I’d just introduce myself. So that would be the first thing where I’m — I mean, Taika Waititi. So that — there’s that done.

I’d like to just break the ice. Maybe start off with a joke. This joke, I’m just going to put it out there, it just involves me telling you that I’ve just flown in to Doha, and as a result, my arms are tired. The aim with that joke is — I’ve flown in to Doha but it was on an aeroplane in reality. And what I’ve done there with the joke is I’ve taken it further and said that my arms are tired, suggesting that I’ve flown like a bird to Doha, so that’s the backstory of the joke. Cool. It’s going pretty well.

So, who am I? Well, I kind of don’t really know that myself, often. I come from New Zealand, and I come from these two people, who met in the early 70’s. The woman is Robin. She’s of Russian-Jewish heritage, and she was a school teacher. And the guy next to her, his name is Taika and he’s a farmer and an artist. And they met and then, a few drinks later, they gave birth to a beautiful Asian daughter called Taika. And so I come from a very mixed background and as a result, I’ve always sort of had trouble kind of finding out, deciding really who I was, or what I wanted to do, and I’ve had lots of influences through my life, through both sides of my family.

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