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Cars of the Future: Sarah Elisa Diaz-Perdomo at TEDxYouth@EmeryWeiner (Transcript)

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Sarah Elisa Diaz-Perdomo: 

Cars. In most places, they’re a fact of life, and not always a good one.

When I was nine years old, mum became one of the 5.25 million car crashes that occur each year around the globe.

Although there were no fatalities, the crash opened my eyes to just how many of our problems are centered on cars. These issues bridge from everyday discomfort, to the risk of crashes, to how cars pollute our planet.

And if your family is anything like mine, then you know just how much we depend on our vehicles. Luckily, new technology to improve the way we get around is being developed every day.

For example, systems are being created that allow our own cars to function according to our own schedule and preferences.

After a while, your vehicle will memorize your daily routine, and then be able to make decisions according to it.

Let’s say that every day you wake up at six thirty a.m.. By seven, you’re in the car. First, you have to drop your kids off.

While the kids are in the car, your vehicle will play something family-friendly, like Radio Disney. Once they leave, it will switch to something more adult like NPR.

In the afternoons, it knows you like something bright and cheery, like pop.

Not only this, it will also be able to tell you that the road you usually take is crammed with traffic, but if you take a detour route, you could save time and get where you want to go faster. All this without you having to ask your vehicle anything. Comfort isn’t the only area we’re working in though.

Safety is a prime concern when it comes to the features of cars, and something we’re taking deadly serious. Using the new vehicle-to-vehicle technology, our cars will be able to communicate with one another: sending data that contains their speed, direction, and any other potential safety hazard.

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Our cars will perceive and alert when something is coming our way, therefore saving our lives. Coupled with new technology, that enables our vehicles to stop before they’re about to hit another object, we’re well on the way to greatly reducing the risk of crashes and saving a lot of lives.

Unfortunately, we’re not the only thing that needs saving. Our planet is dying, and it’s not because of the squirrels. Studies show that over half of the air pollution in the nation is caused by – you guessed it – automobiles.

Just because we cause this problem, it doesn’t mean we can’t end it. The hydrogen fuel cell battery is everyone’s, including Earth’s, dream come true. It charges quickly, it can go long distances, and it doesn’t emit anything but water.

Still, it’s not perfect. We need everybody to make the change in order to get this idea on the road. Still, the idea is there.

Ever since cars were invented in 1885, we’ve been developing them, making them faster, better for the environment, safer, more comfortable. And these developments certainly won’t stop now.

So you tell me, what are we going to do for the future of our cars?

And what are we going to do to make it a good one?

Thank you.


Sharing is Kindness in Action!