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Home » Charlie Day: Fail, Pick Yourself Up & Fail Again (Full Transcript)

Charlie Day: Fail, Pick Yourself Up & Fail Again (Full Transcript)

Charlie Day at Merrimack College Commencement

‘Always Sunny’ star Charlie Day gave this funny yet insightful speech at the 2014 commencement address at his alma mater Merrimack College. We produce here the full transcript [verbatim text] of the speech for the benefit of everyone.

Listen to the MP3 audio version here:


Good morning Merrimack.

Thank you, President Hopey, faculty, trustees, students, parents, grandparents who have absolutely no idea who I am.

And I love to say there is nothing more exhilarating than getting to follow a great speech by Ugandan refugee – a terrible position to be in but I’ll do my best. And well done, Kennedy.

You are graduating from an excellent school today. Alumni have gone on to be CEOs, politicians, professional athletes. However this year you’ll get to receive wisdom, life lessons, knowledge from a man who has made a living pretending to eat cat food.

Now I do however have some qualifications, some insight, because like you are becoming today, I am a Merrimack College Graduate.

Thank you.

I know what it took to get here today. I was in this very room. I sat in those uncomfortable chairs. I dressed like some sort of medieval pastry chef, and I too desperately hoped that my hangover would wear off. Yeah, that one knows. If you can just make it to brunch you should be alright.

Take note. A quick observation today.

Apparently the higher you climb in life the more ridiculous your hats will become. Like the one I’m wearing today, or the Pope or Pharrell. So in some way you fear success, just think of the hats, that should motivate you.

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