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Home » Creating The Common Good By Habit: Nate Garvis at TEDxTC (Transcript)

Creating The Common Good By Habit: Nate Garvis at TEDxTC (Transcript)

Nate Garvis at TEDxTC

Following is the full text of author and civic though leader Nate Garvis’ talk titled “Creating The Common Good By Habit” at TEDxTC conference.


Let’s talk about this fabulous world that we live in, and let’s talk about how can make it a little bit better, because it seems like we’re having a little bit of trouble making it a little bit better these days.

You know, from the dawn of time, we’ve looked at the stars and we’ve said, “Where am I?” and “What does that mean?”

We’ve asked other really important questions of ourselves, questions like, I don’t know, “Why are my crops failing?”

“Why are rivers rising?”

“Why did a puma eat my kid this morning?”

“Why are armies marching?”

And, “Why are very bad things happening to very good people?”

It is a fabulous world, but we have always had very big challenges. There’s a lot of nature and a lot of human nature to overcome, but throughout our history, we’ve always reverted to one thing. And we do it quite well.

We like to make tools. We’re very good at making tools. You know, maybe, I don’t know, maybe I want to track the sun, I want to grow some crops, maybe I would like to, you know, turn it into something tasty, right it down into a recipe. It’s such a good recipe, I want to sell it and buy myself a big house, and make sure it’s heated as well.

Or maybe, I want to just have an aspirin and a cocktail and fly away from it all, right? These are all tools. This is our technology. And, friends, you heard it here first: whiskey is a tool.

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