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Home » Donald Trump’s Wall Commencement Speech 2004 (Full Transcript)

Donald Trump’s Wall Commencement Speech 2004 (Full Transcript)

Donald Trump

Below is the full text of the speech of Donald Trump’s Wall Commencement Address delivered in 2004 during a graduation ceremony at Wagner College in Staten Island, N.Y.



Well, thank you very much.

I’ve always wanted to be known as a ‘doctor’. And Melania, from now on, you will address me as ‘Dr. Trump’.

Sure she will.

Well, you’re about to begin a great new journey and you never really know where that journey will take you.

Look at me. I was a very successful real estate developer in New York City and they said, “Do you mind doing a television show?”

So I said, “I guess, what the hell.”

And we did it.

But then after I agreed to do it, I was speaking to my good friend John Myers who runs a little thing called the General Electric Pension Fund — what is that? A couple of hundred billion or something, ridiculous [inaudible]. People don’t know — people just don’t know. He’s a great guy.

And John and some of the NBC folks explained that 95% of the shows that go on the air failed.

So I said, “Why didn’t you tell me this before I agreed to do it?”

But it became really something, and it went to the number one show on television.

So here I am, I am a star! And there’s nothing like it. It beats real estate all the time.

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