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Home » Dr. Peter Kreeft: The Most Certain Principles for a Philosopher (Transcript)

Dr. Peter Kreeft: The Most Certain Principles for a Philosopher (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript of Dr. Peter Kreeft’s talk titled The Most Certain Principles for a Philosopher” at Franciscan University.

Listen to the audio version here:


Thank you, Glenn. Thank you all for coming out. Thank you for the privilege. Whenever I enter this campus, I feel a breeze, and I think it’s the wings of the Holy Spirit.

I also thank you for giving me a topic to talk about. I’m lazy, and therefore I’d like you to do half my work for me. Getting the question out is half the work. Finding the answer is the other half. My students don’t realize that until they start to read Plato. Not your Mr. Plato, but the other Mr. Plato.

And they ask me for topics, and I say, no, I will not rob you of half your work. What do you mean, they say. Well, getting the question out, as Socrates did, is half the work. And I won’t tell you the question. I’ll make you do that, as well as find the answer. Getting the question out is harder than you think, and getting answers is easier than you think. In fact, it’s too easy. There are too many answers out there. They’re confusing.

Well, you’ve done half my work for me. You’ve given me a topic. There was a little misunderstanding about the topic. I thought it was the 10 things that I’m most certain about, and it was the 10 principles that, as a philosopher, I feel most certain about.

So I’ll give you two talks. I’ll give you a very short one for the original title, and then I’ll give you a longer one for my title. Neither of them, unfortunately, is going to be full of that much wisdom, because I just won all four of my ping pong games, and therefore I didn’t get wisdom. I got satisfaction.

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