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Home » Emotional Laws Are The Answer For Better Relationships: Diana Wais (Transcript)

Emotional Laws Are The Answer For Better Relationships: Diana Wais (Transcript)

Emotional trigger and receptor field

Full text and summary of clinical psychologist Diana Wais’ talk titled “Emotional Laws Are The Answer For Better Relationships” at TEDxThessaloniki conference. In this talk, Diana Wais shares her personal experience of falling in love and experiencing a painful breakup. She discusses her research in marital relationships and her work as a therapist and executive coach. She highlights the importance of understanding emotional laws in interpersonal dynamics and the need to prepare children for a more challenging future on a crowded planet.

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Diana Wais – Therapist & Executive Coach

Dear friends, have you ever fallen completely and utterly in love before?

The first time this happened to me, I was 18 years old. Our love was so sweet. It was unshakable, certain, forever.

Seven years later, I went through the worst breakup you could ever imagine. I was in pieces, and I was really sure I would never be happy again.

How could two people who loved each other so much end up fighting to the point where there’s no alternative, but to separate. This question shaped my life.

These are a little homemade. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did making them. Okay.

So I ended up becoming a marital researcher at Stony Brook relationship project in Long Island, New York, and I interviewed hundreds of couples. In all the couples I interviewed, I never met a single one whose intention was to become unhappy. They all shared the same dream of Hollywood fairy tale endless love.

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