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Home » Our Approach to Innovation is Dead Wrong: Diana Kander (Transcript)

Our Approach to Innovation is Dead Wrong: Diana Kander (Transcript)

Diana Kander at TEDxKC

Full text of entrepreneur Diana Kander’s talk: “Our approach to innovation is dead wrong” at TEDxKC conference.

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Diana Kander – Entrepreneur

When I was 17 years old, I was really into Taekwondo. I was small and I had read all these statistics about the likelihood of getting attacked as a woman. So I thought that learning martial arts would make me safe.

I was one of the top students in the class. I had a green belt and I walked around thinking I was a real badass.

One night after an evening shift at the restaurant where I worked, I was attacked in the back parking lot. One of the customers who was very nice to me during my shift, was there waiting for me when I clocked out.

As I was fumbling around with my keys trying to get into my car, he came up and grabbed me by the throat. This was the moment I had been training for, for years. And yet my arms hung limp at my sides, my legs did not move. They felt like they were made of concrete. I didn’t fight. I was in shock.

Just then, one of my co-workers came out the back door and saw that something was amiss. He yelled in my general direction and my assailant ran off. I was incredibly lucky not to be hurt that evening.

But as an analytical person, I was also thoroughly confused why I hadn’t just deployed all of my Taekwondo training and handled the situation on my own.

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