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My Journey to Self Love: Dr Andrea Pennington (Transcript)

Dr Andrea Pennington @TEDxPeterborough

Dr Andrea Peddingtion, in her presentation at TEDxPeterborough, speaks on the subject of self-love. She explains her struggles for achieving this mental state.  Demonstrating to her audience how society brands individuals, Dr Peddington presents the challenge of openness and self-acceptance.

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Dr Andrea Pennington – Physician & Author

Could you look yourself in the mirror and say: I love you, me?

A few years ago, I couldn’t. Saying those four words would have been really difficult. I did not love myself, and I didn’t see what could possibly be lovable about me.

Well, I’ve come a long way since then. And now not only will I say those words, but I will also sing them for you as well.

Today I’ll share a bit of my healing journey from self-hatred, to real self-love. It’s the true story of how music saved my life and set me free from several diagnoses, including depression.

I was born in Nevada, and when I was three years old, my parents got divorced. My mother then moved our family to Denver, Colorado so she could finish medical school. When she got into private practice, I was shuffled between school and the babysitter and my older sister.

When it was the weekends, I begged my mom to go to the hospital with her. So while she did her patient rounds, I would hang out in the gift shop. And I was always very quiet and well behaved, mainly because at home, my mother repeated often, ‘children are to be seen, not heard,’ just as she was told when she grew up.

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