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Home » How to Love Yourself to the Core: Jen Oliver (Transcript)

How to Love Yourself to the Core: Jen Oliver (Transcript)

Jen Oliver at TEDxWindsor

Full text of nutritionist & fitness coach Jen Oliver’s talk: How to Love Yourself to the Core at TEDxWindsor conference.

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What inspires you? How inspired are you by the thoughts you think, the words you use, the feelings you feel, and the core values and beliefs that you live by?

It’s not so black and white, and there are many missing pieces of the puzzle. The more information we have on diet, exercise and weight loss, the higher the rates of body dissatisfaction and life dissatisfaction we have than ever before in history.

I’m going to leave you with two things by the end of this talk.

One, how greater self-love will inspire your life. And two, how to cultivate more of it.

One of the first and most basic fundamental needs that we have as humans is a connection through love, a bond.

I remember it, like it was yesterday, feeling so much love and adoration for my mom, who in my eyes she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

She was a mix between a super-model and Superwoman, and she could do no wrong. I used to love watching her get dressed, watching her get ready for going out, dressing in beautiful outfits.

And I would always compliment her: “Mom, that dress is so beautiful on you! Where are you going? Let’s take a picture. Oh, I love that. That looks so good!”

And in return, I would receive: “This? Oh God no. I look so fat today. No pictures. Oh God no.”

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