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Home » Let’s Protect The Oceans Like National Parks: David Lang (Transcript)

Let’s Protect The Oceans Like National Parks: David Lang (Transcript)

David Lang at TED Talks

Full transcript of underwater drone expert and TED Fellow David Lang’s talk: Let’s Protect The Oceans Like National Parks.

Listen to the MP3 Audio: Let’s protect the oceans like national parks by David Lang @TED conference


David Lang – Underwater drone expert

So, of all my childhood memories, there is one that stands above the rest. And that is the time that my brave parents rented an RV, packed it with me and my brothers, and drove west from our house in Minneapolis, out to Yellowstone National Park.

We saw all the sights, like the geysers, we stopped at the Badlands, but more than any of the places, I remember this as an adventure. This was my introduction to the Wild West.

But it wasn’t until I got older and I learned more about the National Park System that I realized just how lucky I was. One, to have that experience, but also that, hundreds of years ago, people had the foresight to set aside the very best places, the very best ecosystems in the country, for everyone. And for future generations.

And to really appreciate just how prescient that idea was, you have to go back and you have to look at the history of the National Parks Service.

So, a lot of people know, the first national park was Yellowstone, in 1872. A lot of people think of John Muir, the poet, naturalist, who was such a visionary in getting people inspired by the idea of conservation — that we need to take the best places and protect them.

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