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Have Courage, Be Fearless: Les Brown (Full Transcript)

Les Brown

Full transcript of Les Brown’s motivational speech: Have Courage, Be Fearless (Edited version)

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Les Brown – Author & Motivational Speaker

In what you’ve done with your life thus far, is it giving you what you want? Is it giving you what you want?

When you look toward the future, when you look at all that’s going on out here, is there some place within yourself you say “Hey, I know I need to be out there in that arena. I know I can do more than what I’ve been doing. I know that there’s some great music that I have within me that I haven’t brought out here yet.”

Is that something that you begin to look at within yourself?

See, I say if you look at your life, and if you’re not getting what you want, you owe it to yourself to do something differently. If you want a job – 85%, they say, of Americans go to jobs but they’re unhappy. If you’re doing something 8 hours a day that you don’t like, it’s not giving you what you want, it’s not giving you a strong feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

You’re miserable, you hate to go there. You’re depressed just thinking about it, you’re saying the ‘Thank God, it’s Friday’ song every week. If that’s what it is, you owe it to yourself to start strategically working to change directions.

See, but you know what most people will do? Most people will resist change. Most people will fight change as if change would be worse than what they’re already experiencing.

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