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Google I/O 2016 Keynote Full Transcript

Sundar Pichai

Here is the full transcript of the Google I/O 2016 conference keynote – the company’s yearly developer conference held at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View on May 18, 2016.


Sundar Pichai – CEO, Google

Mario Queiroz – Vice President of Product Management, Google

Erik Kay – Engineering Director at Google

Rebecca Michael – Head of Marketing, Communication Products at Google

Dave Burke – VP of Engineering, Android

Clay Bavor – ‎VP, Virtual Reality at Google

David Singleton – Director, Android Wear

Jason Titus – VP, Developer Products Group at ‎Google

Stephanie Cuthbertson – Group Product Manager, Android Studio

Ellie Powers – Product Manager of Google Play

Sundar Pichai – CEO, Google

Welcome! Welcome to Google I/O and welcome to Shoreline. It feels really rice and different up here. We’ve been doing it for many, many years in Moscone, and in fact, we’ve been doing I/O for 10 years but I feel we are at a pivotal moment in terms of where we are going as a company and felt it appropriate to change the venue.

Doing it here also allows us to include a lot more of you. There are over 7,000 of you joining in person today. And later today, after the keynote, you’ll be joined by several Googlers, product managers, engineers, and designers, so hopefully you’ll engage in many, many conversations over the three days.

As always, I/O is being live streamed around the world. This year we have the largest-ever audience. We are live streaming this to 530 external events in over a hundred countries around the world, including Dublin, which is a major tech hub in Europe, Istanbul, which is our oldest Google developer group, and even to Colombo, Sri Lanka, which is the largest attendance outside of the US with 2,000 people.

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