Microsoft Build 2016 Keynote (Day 1) Full Event (Transcript)

Satya Nadella

Title: Microsoft Build 2016 Conference Keynote (Day 1) Full Event – Transcript

Event Date: March 30, 2016 in San Francisco, CA.


Satya Nadella – CEO, Microsoft

Terry Myerson – EVP, Windows and Devices Group

Bryan Roper – Executive Demo Lead at Microsoft

Kevin Gallo – Director, Windows Developer Platform at Microsoft

Phil Spencer – Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Game Studios

Ashley Speicher – Lead Software Design Engineer at Microsoft

Alex Kipman – Chief Evangelist for HoloLens, Microsoft

Dr. Pamela Davis – Dean of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Marcus Ash – Group Program Manager for Cortana

Lilian Rincon – Group Program Manager, Skype

Dan Driscoll – Microsoft Senior Research Development Engineer

Lili Cheng – General Manager, FUSE Labs, Microsoft Research

Cornelia Carapcea – ‎Senior Program Manager Lead at Microsoft



Satya Nadella – CEO, Microsoft

Good morning. Good morning, and welcome to Build 2016. It’s fantastic to be back here in San Francisco. Welcome to everyone here with us, as well as everyone joining us on the web.

You know, for me it feels like I’ve marked all my adult life with Microsoft developer conferences. In fact, when I think about even the birth of my children, I think about the various platform eras at Microsoft. My son belongs to IaaS, and my daughters are all .NET. And so it’s so fantastic to be back here and talking to developers.

I mean, there’s one thing that’s so unique about developer conferences. Developers come here excited already about technology. They get to see more technology, meet more people who are talking technology. But most importantly, they walk away inspired by what they see, what they learn, to build even more cooler technology. That uniqueness of developer conferences is what we want to celebrate here over the next three days. That ability of developers to amplify technology is what we want to talk about over the course of this conference at Build.

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Talking about all of this technology, in fact, there is a much more mainstream dialogue about the role of technology in our society. And it’s the right time to have that dialogue, because technology is so much more mainstream. It’s embedded in our daily lives. It’s embedded in our companies, in our industries, in our economies and countries, much more so than ever before.

And so we have these profound questions and issues in front of us. Is technology driving economic growth for everyone? Or is economic growth stalled in spite of technological spend? Is technology empowering people or is it displacing us? Is technology helping us preserve our enduring values such as privacy or is it compromising it? These are the issues that are being discussed, and they’re the right issues for us to have a broad dialogue, not just in one company, not just in our industry, but as a society.

I am an optimist. We, as a company, are optimistic about what technology can do for us. I believe technology can, in fact, drive economic growth all over the world. I believe technology can empower us in our daily lives. I believe technology can be used to preserve our enduring values.

We do, however, have to make choices how we go about building technology. We need to make design choices, economic choices, and social choices that ensure that the way we build technology, the way we use technology helps us make progress as a society.

That optimism and that self-choice is embedded and coded in our mission, to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. We want to make things so that others can make things and make things happen. That is our broad platform approach.

And when we think about driving success and empowering people and businesses through digital technology, we have to start with all of you as developers. We have to empower you with technology, but more importantly we have to create that opportunity for you to be able to express your creativity that can change the world. And throughout this developer conference that’s what we’re going to talk about, what are the platforms that you get to work on that really are going to help you change the world.

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