Guiding Difficult Decisions from “Monkey Brain” to “Wise Mind”: Lance Pendleton (Transcript)

Lance Pendleton at TEDxFultonStreet

Full transcript of William Pitt Sotheby’s TEDx Talk: Guiding difficult decisions from “monkey brain” to “wise mind”  at TEDxFultonStreet conference.

Lance Pendleton –  VP of Sales at William Pitt Sotheby

For the past 20 years, I’ve been really working hard to try and help develop sales strategies for Fortune 500 companies and the high-end professionals that actually work for them, to develop a way for me to take two skills sets that I’ve learned from the past and I’ve studied: one of them being humanistic Buddhism, and sales psychology.

And if you take these two and meld them together, I can actually help sales professionals identify the best way to get someone to say yes, or sometimes no, depending upon really developing that key component, which is identifying how do I get to a relationship.

And most all of our relationships are driven off of really understanding where someone comes from. I’ll talk about one example today on how we do that.

I’ll use a visualization for you. I want you to think about you’re going away, you’re taking a trip, it’ll be a nice, long weekend, you’re excited. But you have to leave somebody home in charge of the house while you’re gone.

So you decide you’re going to leave George home.

Now, what do you think your house is going to look like when you come back? If you have teenagers you already know the answer to this. Because it’s not going to be pretty. This is our mind.

And inside of our mind, we have this process that happens all day long. We’re projecting forwards, backwards, analysis, thinking, it’s how we actually defend ourselves.

And at the core of what we do in this process, we actually camp into two separate areas. Buddhists call this constant frenetic energy “monkey mind.” George.

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When you have this frenetic energy that happens all the time, we tend to develop two separate mindsets to protect ourselves. And the two separate mindsets are an emotional mind and a reasonable mind.

We’ll talk about what these things look like.

First things first is, let’s talk about a reasonable mind.

Reasonable Mind

What’s a reasonable minded person?

The reasonable mind is somebody that actually has linear thought process. They really prefer linear thought, They like things like crossword puzzles, Sudoku, they like thinking about things in a systematic fashion. This systematic fashion helps them seek and find comfort.

Emotional Mind

The next part of this, though, is that emotionally minded person. I’ll put my hand up, I’m that person.

The emotionally minded person seeks their comfort in drawing from happiness, joy, sadness, anger, frustration, moments like today, anxiety.

And in that, it’s very difficult for somebody to make a conscious, healthy, yes or no decision.

Wise Mind, also known as Intuition

Why? Because when you’re based and camped out in those places, you can’t actually feel centered.

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