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Home » How I Taught Myself to Code: Litha Soyizwapi at TEDxSoweto (Transcript)

How I Taught Myself to Code: Litha Soyizwapi at TEDxSoweto (Transcript)


Litha Soyizwapi

Following is the full transcript of graphic designer and a self-taught app developer Litha Soyizwapi’s TEDx Talk: How I Taught Myself to Code at TEDxSoweto conference. This event occurred on November 22, 2014.

Litha Soyizwapi – Creative Director and Founder of the GauRider

I’m a graphic designer by profession. But whenever I’m introduced as an app developer, this is what most people have in mind. Debug, app, pressure pressure… sorry to disappoint you; I’m not there yet.

My Story

My story is a story of failure. It is a story of gaining confidence and a story of achieving relative success.

I was born in a small town in the Eastern Cape called Butterworth. It was an industrial town. My mother was a geography teacher.

Growing up, there are a lot of maps at home. I learned how to read maps at an early age. There were topographic maps, were the maps of solar system charts and diagrams. I learned about different time zones. I learned about different hemispheres and more. But I was really interested in Settlement Geography.

To me, geography was a living subject. It taught me how human beings were influenced by nature and how they adapted based on their socio-economic needs. I learned about different human settlements: urban settlements and rural settlements. I learned about how they were different, how they were similar, and how they were organized.

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