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Home » How Sharks Affect Us All: Ocean Ramsey @ TEDxKlagenfurt (Transcript)

How Sharks Affect Us All: Ocean Ramsey @ TEDxKlagenfurt (Transcript)

Ocean Ramsey at TEDxKlagenfurt

Following is the full transcript of diving instructor Ocean Ramsey’s TEDx Talk titled “How sharks affect us all” at TEDxKlagenfurt conference.

Sharks on a worldwide scale suffer under their reputation as brutal killers. They are close to extinction due to human prosecution. Ocean Ramsey explains why they are a valuable and fundamental part of the oceans´ ecosystems and encourages every one of us to help saving them… for our own good.

Ocean Ramsey – Diving Instructor

What if we were to redefine the relationship we have with sharks, to one based on scientific fact, reality, and logic, rather than the current one, based off of limited and biased information?

I want to talk about how changing the way we perceive sharks and interact with them could change our environment, economies, and lives for the better.

But first, I want to introduce you to someone who has positively influenced and inspired my life’s work, passion, and focus. She’s intelligent, she’s graceful, beautiful, efficient, but what I admire her most for is her very important work and role. What most people don’t know is that without her work and influence, none of our lives would be the same.

And I wanted to describe her to you first, before I showed you her photo, because I’ve come to find that, oftentimes, we make snap judgments, prejudice, based off of very little factual information. I’ve personally found this because oftentimes I’m judged solely off of my appearance or work as a professional model, rather than my primary work in science, conservation, and business.

So, please keep in mind the truth that often there’s more than meets the eye, and when you take time to get to know someone and better understand them, maybe you can better value them. And sometimes it’s a little more interesting than you think too.

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