How to Become Your Best When Life Gives You Its Worst: Peter Sage (Transcript)

Full text of personal growth expert Peter Sage’s talk: How to Become Your Best When Life Gives You Its Worst at TEDx Klagenfurt conference. In this talk, Peter shares his story along with how you can deal with the toughest situations and become your best when life gives you its worst.

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Peter Sage – Personal growth expert and author

At 2:00 PM on January the 20th, 2017, I was walking down the stairs of the high court in London, wearing handcuffs on my way to one of the most violent prisons in England.

Having never been arrested, accused, charged, or convicted of a crime. In fact, not even the police knew that I was going to prison.

A week before, I was running a successful company with over 50 staff, helping thousands of people. And a week later, I was down to virtually no staff and faced with losing everything I had, including my home.

And so began the most incredible adventure I’ve ever had the privilege of living.

How I got there isn’t quite as interesting. I was arguing a years old business deal in court with a major multinational and one that had far deeper pockets to flex far bigger legal muscles than I did. And when they threw a contempt of court application at me, I didn’t give it much credibility.

I remember an old long-time friend and business mentor Dan Peña once told me that when it comes to business, litigation and civil actions are nothing more than a tool. And I thought this was a chess move to try to pressure me into an early settlement. And I didn’t really take it that serious.

That was a mistake.

I learned a lot about how the court system works, shall we say? And when I was sitting in the hearing, my fiancé turned around to me and said, this isn’t going the way we thought it was going to go. You know what happens? You know, you could even go away here.

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And I’m like, I don’t know why this is happening, honey, but here’s what I do know. I’ve been very blessed, very privileged over the last 20 plus years to have millions of people around the world, benefit from my work. I said but maybe the people that could benefit the most, never really get to hear it because they’re in somewhere like jail. If the universe or whatever you want to call it wants to send me in to hold a light, let me go do my work.

And I was reminded by a quote by Tony Robbins, who I had the privilege of working alongside as an experienced trainer for over 15 years. And he said something profound. He said, “The strongest force in the human personality is the need to remain consistent with how you define yourself.” In other words, your identity.

For example, why do vegetarians not eat meat? It’s not because they have different teeth or a different digestive system. It’s because their identity is, I am a vegetarian.

Now, the reason they may choose that identity is personal and varied for either health or moral reasons. But once you adopt that identity, it governs what you order off the menu.

So I had a choice walking down the stairs as to which identity I wanted to adopt. I could either adopt the identity of a prisoner and a victim and complaining about the courtroom shenanigans, or I could choose something more empowering, someone who is going in on a mission as a secret agent of change.

I remember getting to the prison and I had my medical. They gave me my clothes and I sat with a doctor for a while before they gave me a cell. And he leaned over. He says, “Can I ask you a question?”

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