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Home » How to Find Your Passion and Make it Your Job: Emma Rosen (Transcript)

How to Find Your Passion and Make it Your Job: Emma Rosen (Transcript)

Full text of author Emma Rosen’s talk: How to Find Your Passion and Make it Your Job at TEDxYouthManchester conference.

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Emma Rosen – Author and career change expert

Hello. So I want to start by asking you to raise your hands if you know exactly what it is you want to do, when you leave education. I can see about six hands.

Okay. Now I want you to raise your hand, if you have a few more general ideas or actually you have no idea at all. Okay. That’s the vast majority of you.

So not that long ago at all I was sitting where you are today. And I had no idea either. I had no idea when I was at school, when I was at college, then at university. And when I finally entered the workplace in my early twenties, I didn’t know then either.

And what I want to do today is tell you a little bit about what I did about that problem.

So to set the scene, I want you to come with me to a wintery Monday morning in November 3 years ago, it’s 6:35 AM and it’s cold out, it’s dark, it’s raining, basically like this morning and I hadn’t slept all night.

All night I was kept awake by the thought of having to go to work the next day. I had a tight knot of stress in my chest, and it had prevented me from sleeping all night long from worry.

And so eventually my alarm went off. I had to get up and had to go and face the day ahead at work. And what I had was a really bad case of the Sunday night blues.

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