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Home » How to DAD: Jordan Watson @ TEDxChristchurch (Transcript)

How to DAD: Jordan Watson @ TEDxChristchurch (Transcript)

Jordan Watson

Full transcript of Jordan Watson’s TEDx Talk: How to DAD @ TEDxChristchurch conference.


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Jordan Watson – How to DAD

G’day. G’day, my name is How to DAD and I have a black belt degree in daddying. Yes, it’s definitely a real thing, and no one in this room needs to look that up. So please, no one, no one look that up.

Right. So my name is How to DAD, so, obvious first question: “How do you DAD?”

Well, I’ve got no idea. I just make it up. I mean, don’t you guys? No?

I started winging it from Day 1, you know, I’m a dad. I don’t have time to read these serious parenting books and stuff, you know. I’ve got my job, I’ve got the mown to do. I’ve got sport to watch. Even if I did have time to study this baby stuff, I’d probably get a paragraph in and then just be like, “No, I don’t know what he’s doing, this stupid book trying to tell me what to do. I wouldn’t be doing that, mate. No, no, yeah no, I don’t need that, no.”

Grab book and insert as wobbly table leveler thing. So no, reading fancy parenting books isn’t for me. And to be honest, I’d much rather just make it up. It’s more fun that way.

Two years ago, I made a video and I put it on the internet. A mate at work had a baby on the way. I was bored at home with my four months old, and thought I’d chuck together an instructional video of sorts. Not much thinking behind it, I just kind of made it up.

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