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How To React To Your Child’s Attention-Seeking Behavior: Michal Dalyot (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript and summary of Michal Dalyot’s talk titled “How To React To Your Child’s Attention-Seeking Behavior” at TEDxBeitBerlCollege conference.

In this talk, renowned child psychologist and parenting expert Michal Dalyot delves into why children seek attention, the various forms this behavior can take, and practical strategies for parents to respond effectively. Her approach combines empathy with firmness, aiming to foster healthy communication and emotional growth in children.

Listen to the audio version here:


I recently met the parents of an eight-year-old boy. They told me that in the past year, whenever the son is unhappy with something or he’s being told no, he reacts aggressively. They also told me that he used to be a perfect, easy-going, happy and cooperative little boy, and that the past year was filled with many changes.

His little sister began defying him as he started to grow up. He moved house. He started elementary school. His mother had a very difficult pregnancy until she finally gave birth to healthy twin girls. But slowly and surely, he began to behave badly.

They fight with him every day. He’s frustrated and he kicks the furniture. His mother is mad at him. His father is disappointed in him. And his sister is constantly being bullied by him. So his parents, like you and me, understand what’s going on. And they understand that he had a very difficult year. He’s sad, he’s jealous, he’s worried.

He thinks that he’s losing his mother. So he has all the reasons to behave badly. And when the parents came to my clinic to seek my advice, they were not only worried, but they felt helpless. They understand why their son behaves the way he does, but they don’t know what to do to help him.

Like millions of other parents, they’ve missed a very important point. Because what happens when the son behaves the way he does? His mother comes to the room, explaining, begging, shouting, threatening. Then the father comes to the room, tries to calm things down. And even if he succeeds and the boy is calmed down; ten minutes after that, he starts all over again, shouting, kicking, and to the parents once again, and so on and so forth. You get the picture.

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