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Home » Uncommon Sense: Moving from a Problem-Focused to Solution-Focused Mindset: Mel Gill (Transcript)

Uncommon Sense: Moving from a Problem-Focused to Solution-Focused Mindset: Mel Gill (Transcript)

Here is the full transcript and summary of Mel Gill’s talk titled “Uncommon Sense: Moving from a Problem-Focused to Solution-Focused Mindset” at TEDxVarna conference.

In this TEDx talk, psychotherapist Mel Gill discusses the importance of problem-focused vs. solution-focused thinking. He recounts a near-death experience in which he realized the importance of taking action and never giving up on your dreams. Gill’s friend, an American Indian rainmaker, is successful because he never stops dancing until it rains.

Listen to the audio version here:


Thank you. Thank you very much. I didn’t realize that we gave him the long version.
That’s what happens when you’re not in control of the materials that you give out to people.

The world is a very strange place. More than 95% of this Earth’s population has a problem – and we need to find a solution to it very quickly. Psychotherapists, psychologists, mental health workers, and psychiatrists understand that more than 95% of this world’s population suffers from one kind of mental illness or another. We call this loose class of mental illnesses schizophrenia. There is mild schizophrenia and there is chronic schizophrenia.

Now, mild schizophrenia is very simple. The loose definition of schizophrenia is this: the inability to tell what is real from what is imagined, what is fantasy from what is reality.

Now, imagine if we were talking and somebody else came into the room, and all of a sudden we got distracted and we stopped talking. Now, that person starts to think, “My God, they’re talking about me.” Then, they leave the room, and then we continue talking because the distraction is gone. Now, they are certain that we are talking about them, and they plan some kind of revenge. That’s heading towards mental illness.

You see, they say in Varna – Varna is now one of my homes on the planet. I don’t know if you know this. I live in Singapore, I live in Chicago, but now, I’m going to be living in Varna a lot. I suppose the clap means it’s a good thing. I’m just kidding.

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