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How to Triple Your Memory by Using This Trick: Ricardo Lieuw On (Transcript)

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Full Transcript of Ricardo Lieuw On’s TEDx Talk: How to Triple Your Memory by Using This Trick at TEDxHaarlem conference. This event occurred on November 24, 2017.


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Ricardo Lieuw On – Trainer, Remind Learning

So I have add a little test for you. Don’t panic. I’m not here to judge you. It’s just a little test, OK.

First, you get 30 seconds to memorize 10 words in the right order. After that, you get 30 seconds to write down what you remembered. And then finally, you get 30 seconds to check your answers. So are you guys ready?

Well, we’re going to start anyway. So memorize 10 words in the right order in 30 seconds in three, two, one, go!

OK, Stop. Now write down what you remember. OK, and stop. Now quickly check your answers. OK and stop.

So very exciting; I heard a lot of grunting and moaning. So I hope I didn’t stretch you out too much.

Now a moment of reflection. I’d like you to ask yourself: how did I memorize this and was it the best way to do it?

Now for the generation of my parents and grandparents, being able to memorize something like this was an absolutely essential skill. But nowadays why would anyone want to remember a list of anything? You just take a picture of the screen and you’re done, right?

So with all the technology we have these days, it seemed as if memorizing has somehow become less important.

So why should we then in today’s day and age still want to get better at memorizing? Well, to answer that question, I’d like to tell you a little story.

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In high school, I flunked a grade twice. After seven years of torture, I finally got my diploma. Sweet sweet freedom! What would I do with it? I didn’t know. One thing I did know, however, was that I didn’t want to go back to school because that old learning business, it wasn’t cut out for me.

So instead I went to sunny California for nine months and there I worked as a bagger, not beggar – bagger. So in a supermarket, I had to put people’s groceries in bags and then I’d get a little tip.

Surprisingly that year, I learned so much. I learned how to bag a bunch of groceries really really quickly. I learned how to drive a car. And in California, people are a little bit more open than they are in Amsterdam. So I also learned how to have a little chat with a stranger, just for the hell of it. That year I discovered that I don’t hate learning. Just a specific way of doing it.

So I decided to go and study psychology. Now for the first time ever, I was getting information that I absolutely wanted to know. Now I was spending more time in the library than I spent skipping school as a teenager, voluntarily. The only problem was that I was spending all of my time in the library, because I’d never learned how to learn.

So I started experimenting with different methods of reading texts, of memorizing texts and I got my reading time of three hours a chapter down to one. This way of studying enabled me to do an Honors program to get my degree and to fall in love with learning. And now I happily work for a company called REMIND in which we teach people the science and art of learning. We’re trying to bring back into education what we ourselves missed.

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