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Jesus Christ & Nanotechnology: James Tour (Transcript)

Full text of nanotechnologist James Tour’s talk titled ‘Jesus Christ & Nanotechnology’ at Texas A&M.

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James Tour – American chemist and nanotechnologist

Thank you for coming tonight. I’ve spoken at A&M several times before, never in the Veritas Forum, but I feel a close association to A&M, just being down the road at Rice. And I’ve spoken here many times in the chemistry department and in some of the collaborations that we’ve had going together as universities together as well.

And I’m going to share something that might be a little bit different for Veritas Forum because I’m not an apologist, I’m not a philosopher, I’m not a theologian. I’m a chemist and I love Jesus. And I’m going to tell you a little bit about how my relationship with Jesus Christ has influenced my career and how He’s just moved into my life and moved into my career as I’ve welcomed Him in.

I’m going to start by talking a little bit about several of the areas that we work in in nanotechnology. We work in this area, and I’ll just use this pointer so I can get both halves directed here, but we work in this area where we’ve worked a lot on space composites, and this in fact was a collaboration with Texas A&M for many years that Rice had. And we developed a NOx material, a material that can be used to heat up the resin that is used between space shuttle tiles.

And what that will do is we put carbon nanotubes in there and we can heat up this resin to a thousand degrees in just a few minutes and cause it to cure. Before that, there was no way to do space repair and get this to cure in flight. They said that they would hope that it would cure upon re-entry when it would heat up. And that was really the way that they were going to think about doing this.

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