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Home » Kelsang Jampa on Guided Meditation at TEDxSarasota (Full Transcript)

Kelsang Jampa on Guided Meditation at TEDxSarasota (Full Transcript)

Kelsang Jampa at TEDxSarasota

Here is the full transcript of an American Buddhist monk Kelsang Jampa’s TEDx Talk on Guided Meditation at TEDxSarasota Conference.

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Kelsang Jampa – American Buddhist monk

Our mental peace or inner peace is the true source of happiness, and when I say happiness, I don’t just mean superficial happiness, like our ordinary pleasures that easily turn into pain, or our excitements that easily become disappointments.

When I say happiness, I mean a deep inner peace and joy, a contentment and well-being that we can share with others. A happiness that makes others happy. It’s very beautiful.

And also, our inner peace, the source of our happiness, also happens to be the source of outer peace. From inner peace, naturally outer peace will follow, of course.

So, now for the next maybe 12 or 13 minutes, what I’d like to do is guide a breathing meditation, so you can follow, and collectively we’re going to create maybe not world peace, but theater peace together. It’s a good beginning.

OK, so to begin. Whenever you begin meditation, the first thing to do is find a comfortable meditation posture. And the most important thing is that your back is nice and straight. This will help you to remain much more alert during the meditation.

Your eyes can be partially closed, and your hands resting comfortably inside your lap.

And then, allow your mind to just relax, letting go of all ordinary concerns, and temporarily to stop thinking about anything.

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