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Home » Max Strom: Breathe to Heal at TEDxCapeMay Conference (Transcript)

Max Strom: Breathe to Heal at TEDxCapeMay Conference (Transcript)

Max Strom at TEDxCapeMay

Here is the full transcript of global teacher and author Max Strom’s TEDx Talk Presentation: Breathe to Heal at TEDxCapeMay Conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio: Breathe to Heal by Max Strom at TEDxCapeMay


Speaking about breathing is one of the most counterintuitive subjects you could possibly talk about, because normally people don’t think about it as we don’t think about blinking our eyes, digesting our food. These are not things we think you need to work on, they just occur from the autonomic nervous system.

But breathing is different, because there are also ways to breathe intentionally — certain patterns of breathing that change how you feel internally. I wouldn’t travel the world teaching breath-work if it were even just simply to help people relax. The reason I travel to teach people how to breathe is because we now live in a digitally-obsessed, escape-based society as you know. And we want to call it the new normal, and there seems to be a big push to accept it; however, we are unhappy.

If you look at studies on the level of happiness now, especially the medications that we use, we are not a happy society. We should be ecstatic; we have a rectangle in our pocket that has access to all the world’s knowledge, that has any entertainment you’d possibly want.

So why aren’t we ecstatic? The World Health Organization has stated that by 2020, worldwide, depression and anxiety will be the number one disability; that’s only four and a half years from now.

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