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Recipe to Losing Weight by Anna Verhulst at TEDxMaastricht (Transcript)

Anna Verhulst

Full text of Anna Verhulst, a medicine student and winner of Pitch contest on Recipe to Losing Weight at TEDxMaastricht conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Recipe to losing weight by Anna Verhulst at TEDxMaastricht


Did you know that the average caveman in the Stone Age spent five times as much energy on physical activity as the average American adult today? And I mean our average caveman in the Stone Age had to walk for up to 16 kilometers a day, had to chase his prey for days on end, so then when he finally made his kill, he could rightfully stuff his face with meat and eat as much as he wanted.

However, nowadays, overeating is a global problem and the cause of many severe health threats. 44% of the diabetes burden, 23% of the ischemic heart disease burden, and up to 41% of certain cancer burdens are linked to obesity.

So, these numbers are the things you learn from text books, the facts everyone can look up on the Internet. But once I started working in the hospital as a junior intern, and met people who were struggling with obesity, I realized that it’s often not these physical consequences that seem to matter most to those who are overweight themselves.

Let’s take a look at the picture of this girl as an example. The quote that came to my mind when I saw this picture was: “To lose confidence in one’s body, is to lose confidence in oneself.”

Because the girl you see is only 15 years old, but she already weighs over 100 kilograms, and tonight she’s going to her high school’s prom, and you can see she’s all dressed up, posing for a picture, probably taken by one of her parents.

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