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Home » Reinventing the Body: Deepak Chopra at TEDxTimesSquare (Full Transcript)

Reinventing the Body: Deepak Chopra at TEDxTimesSquare (Full Transcript)

Deepak Chopra

Following is the full transcript of author Deepak Chopra’s TEDx Talk: Reinventing the Body at TEDxTimesSquare conference.

Deepak Chopra – MD, Founder and Chairman of the Chopra Foundation

Okay. Well, I have 10 minutes to inspire you to move in the direction of well-being, perfect health, discover your true self, resurrect your soul, influence the markers of ageing at a cellular level – the level of cell biology – and actually discover who you really are.

But before we do that, the first thing I want to share with you is that you have to change your perception of your physical body because we are talking about literally reinventing the body.

Your physical body is not physical, your material body is not material. You have to start thinking of your body as an activity, as a process, if I may say it so, instead of a noun, as a verb, an activity. So our bodies are constantly in the river of change and transformation.

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said: “No man can step into the same river twice, because it’s a new man and it’s a new river.” Likewise, your true self cannot step into the same flesh and bones twice, because in every moment of your life, you are actually in the river of change which is your physical body.

Through processes like eating, reading, digestion, metabolism, illumination, elimination, sensory experience, thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, memories, imagination, creativity, intention, intuition, inspiration, your body is in transformation. In fact, the physical bodies that you are using right now to listen to my lecture are not the ones that you came in from Times Square a few minutes ago.

Even with one breath that you breathe in, you breathe in 10 to the power of 22 atoms, which is a huge amount of stuff that comes from everywhere in your environment, ends up at your cells, your heart, your brain, your kidneys. With every breath that you breathe out, you are literally breathing out at the atomic level bits and pieces of your heart, and kidney, and brain tissue, and technically speaking, we are all intimately sharing our organs with each other, right this moment.

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