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Namaskaram! Namaskaram to everyone.

Well, the virus is taking its toll in many nations. Situation in the United States is not at all looking good. The fatalities are just multiplying by the day. Spain has overtaken every other nation, in terms of the number of people dead.

In India also, there has been a spike; in comparison we’re looking good. But the spike is not encouraging the last two days, the kind of spike that we have seen. Fortunately, the spike is largely related to one specific group. So probably they will trace them down and control that. The spike is not general, which is a positive thing. But India has other kinds of problems.

Already in our local area, we have listed over two thousand families, which need immediate food, we are gearing up for that. Probably in another two days, we are setting up a community kitchen. Supplying groceries is much easier, for those who have means to cook and do. But there are many who are not even able to do that because their livelihood is on a daily basis.

Those who have lands, farmers who have land, will somehow manage a little bit. But those who are vegetable sellers, flower sellers, doing menial jobs, farm labour, there’s no work anywhere, so no money.

So, we’re gearing up and today I’m making an appeal to everyone – We need a lot of money.

In the next fifteen days, let’s say, till April 20th or maximum April 25th, till this time, we need a minimum of fourteen-to-fifteen crores of spend is there for us. We have already kind of committed to this.

Our Chinese volunteers are sending us some few lakhs of masks and gloves and this and that, which is going to the health professionals and the police who are serving outside, risking everything.

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Well, these are challenging times. Everybody should stand up and do whatever they can do. Someone like Ratan Tata comes out, and not only donates fifteen hundred crores from his personal wealth, not from the CSR, from his personal wealth and then he says if it is necessary, I will give my entire wealth, if the nation needs it.

So, please, wherever you are, in whichever way you can contribute, right now it is needed.

We have dedicated volunteers, committed volunteers on the ground but we need to fuel them with fund, otherwise they will not be effective. So, we look forward to your support.

I don’t want to go into the detail of work schedules we are setting up. But it looks like it’s… one thing is the economic virus is already come into rural India. The virus is still not yet there too much in rural India, hope it stays away because the economic trouble itself is hard to handle.

This is a time the South Indian farmers start preparing the land. When the Tamil New Year’s Day is over on 14th of April, after that, preparation of the land begins. This is very important for the next crop to happen. If that doesn’t happen, then there is a serious threat of food shortages in the coming year, so we cannot afford that.

In northern India, the crops have come for harvest. They’re having serious trouble to harvest. In Karnataka, you might have seen the images of dairy farmers spilling thousands of litres of milk because there is no way to take their milk. Thousands of litres of milk is just being poured out because where to take it.

I’m sure there are many people who need it. So, that’s where we can fill the gap. We are seeing how to connect and see where there is food, and where people don’t have the money to buy food. We’re seeing how to connect that, it will take a certain amount of work. And unfortunately, a certain amount of exposure for our volunteers but I’m sure we can handle it carefully.

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