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Home » Sadhguru: How Do We Handle Hard Times in Life (Transcript)

Sadhguru: How Do We Handle Hard Times in Life (Transcript)


“When will you learn how to handle my thought? How to handle my emotion? We will give you tools, how to figure this machine out… Whatever the issue, we’ll do our best. But this should not be the issue.” – Sadhguru


In life, there are many phases where we feel that we are depressed, we are lonely. And when everybody is against us, and there is no one to guide us or talk about it. So at that moment, how should we handle it? Or how should we deal with it?


See, this is an unfortunate condition that a whole lot of human beings are in. In their experience, in their personal experience, life is like ‘me versus the universe’. Being in competition with the universe is a stupid thing to do. That’s not a competition you must get into. ‘me versus the universe’ is a bad competition to get into. Would you also agree with me? So, this is why yoga…

Yoga does not mean twisting and turning your body. The word ‘Yoga’ means ‘Union’.

Right now it’s me versus the universe. This is just your psychological condition. This is not the reality. Even when you feel utterly lonely, are you still breathing? So you’re transacting with the world, isn’t it? Yes. You only can’t get along with the people around you. But atmosphere is okay with you. Food is okay, if it tastes good. Water is okay. You have transaction with the world, isn’t it?

Your existence is constantly an engagement with the universe, but your mind becomes against the universe. If you create a psychological condition that you are against, or you’re in competition with the universe or the cosmos, obviously you will feel crushed for small things. Little things will crush you.

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