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Home » The 3 Magic Ingredients of Amazing Presentations: Phil Waknell (Transcript)

The 3 Magic Ingredients of Amazing Presentations: Phil Waknell (Transcript)

Phil WAKNELL at TEDxSaclay

Here is the full transcript of presentation specialist Phil Waknell’s talk titled “The 3 Magic Ingredients of Amazing Presentations” at TEDxSaclay conference.

Listen to the MP3 Audio here:


Most people who come to speak at TED are here, because they’ve succeeded. I’m here, because I haven’t.

For the last 10 years, I have been helping conference speakers, business leaders, entrepreneurs to prepare and deliver powerful presentations.

And in those same 10 years, TED has shown that presentations can, and should be, both enjoyable and effective.

But 10 years on, despite TED and despite my best efforts at schools, at conferences, at companies, most presentations still do this to their audiences.

So have I failed? No, I just haven’t succeeded yet.

And to succeed in making all presentations resonate with their audience, I need your help. That’s why I’m here.

So I’d like to share with you the three magic ingredients of powerful presentations.

Okay, let’s just pause there for a moment.

Now I’ve told you what I’m going to say. The question you should be asking is: So what? What’s in it for me? Why should I care?

And that is a really important question, because the first magic ingredient is, in fact, the AUDIENCE. The audience is the magic ingredient in every presentation. This is not my talk; it’s yours.

Every presentation should be made to measure for a specific audience in a specific context.


Well, it’s very important, right? It’s really important to understand that we all have to listen to presentations. Wouldn’t it be great if they weren’t all so boring?

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