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Home » The Impact of Divorce on Children: Tamara D Afifi (Transcript)

The Impact of Divorce on Children: Tamara D Afifi (Transcript)

Full text of Tamara D Afifi’s TEDx Talk titled ‘The Impact of Divorce on Children’ at TEDxUCSB conference.

Listen to the audio version:


Tamara D Afifi – Communications Scholar

A few days ago, I told my students I was going to be giving a TED Talk, and they had two responses. The first was, that is super cool, right, so would you agree, super cool, right? Woo-hoo, yeah! So I went from being kind of a geeky professor to still being a geeky professor, but being able to do something really cool.

The second reaction was, we want our voices to be heard. And so what I did was, I just asked them for a minute and a half just to take out a sheet of paper, and I said, I want you to write down something, you know, if there is anything that you would change about the way your parents communicated when you were growing up.

And the second question I said was, I want you to also think about something that you appreciate about the way they communicated with you, or with each other, growing up.

And this was one of the responses, I mean, keep in mind this was written in a minute and a half:

My parents never got a divorce, but I always wished they had. Even when they were both cheating on one another to get back at each other, or when child services got involved, or when all the friends and family encouraged them to end it, they still held on.

Now I’m 19 and scared to believe that anything lasts forever. Every relationship I go into, I constantly remind myself that in a month, or a year, or whatever, I’ll lose them.

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