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The Power of Communication: Nina Legath (Full Transcript)

Here is the full text and summary of Nina Legath’s talk titled “The Power of Communication” at TEDxYouth@ISF conference. In this talk, she discusses the importance of communication in the workplace, and underlines the necessity of knowing how to communicate efficiently, in order to thrive in the working world.

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Nina Legath – Head of Global Internal Communication, adidas

I believe the most important skill you can have is communication skills. And I admit I am biased, because I make my money with communication.

But think about why [ROIC] such as mine even exists in big companies. Communications is more important than ever, for businesses for sure, but also for us personally.

And today I want to focus more on the power of communications for us personally, and that has more to do with my passion than with my job.

So when I was a younger, my parents taught me the art of hard work. I studied, earned good grades and everyone was happy. Yeah, I had to present every now and then at school and at university, but it was never really the core of my activities. It was never what my success depended on.

Then I had to apply for a job, the interview processes and entered the working world, and I realized it was becoming more important to convey information than to no information. So communication, the way I communicated had a significant impact on my success.

Probably all of you are right now thinking about what to do with your future life and what to study and what to work, right? So let’s do a little thought exercise together, a time travel.

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