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Home » The Science of Sleep and the Art of Productivity: Dr. Matthew Carter (Transcript)

The Science of Sleep and the Art of Productivity: Dr. Matthew Carter (Transcript)

Dr. Matthew Carter – TEDxNorthAdams TRANSCRIPT

I’d like to start by asking you to imagine yourself in the following scenario: you are a high school senior, or the parent of a high school senior, and you’re interested in a potential college, and so you arrange for a campus visit.

And you go on a campus tour and everything looks great, and the people are friendly. But after a few minutes, something strange starts to dawn on you: that this campus has a really horrible smoking habit.

Everybody you see is smoking outside, everybody smells like cigarette smoke. In fact, you go to have lunch in a dining hall and students are actually bragging about how much they smoke.

One student says, “Yesterday, I smoked three packs all by myself!”

And another student says, “Nice! I did that last week. High five!”

And you think to yourself, “Well, this is pretty strange. This is an otherwise great school, but they have sort of a weird bad habit, and they’re oddly celebrational about it. So I’m not sure I want to go here.”

So imagine you go on a second campus tour and you look at a second college. And it’s very similar to the first: the campus looks really beautiful, people are friendly — except this college has a bad junk food habit.

Everybody you see is eating junk food; there’s junk food wrappers everywhere; there’s nothing nutritious to eat in the dining hall. And again, people are bragging about how much they’re eating.

So, one student says, “Last night, I had a whole pizza by myself.”

And another student says, “Nice! I did the same thing last week. High five!”

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