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Home » A Method To x100 Your Productivity: Robin Sharma (Transcript)

A Method To x100 Your Productivity: Robin Sharma (Transcript)


Hi, it’s Robin Sharma, author of The Leader Who Had No Title, founder of The Titan Academy. And welcome to this Mastery Session.

This Mastery Session is all about a method to x100, (to increase by a factor of 100) your productivity. And we live in a world right now where productivity and in particular, what I call exponential productivity has never been so important. Here’s a brain tattoo for you to consider. “An addiction to distraction will be the death of your creative production.”

Here’s another brain tattoo for you to consider: “We live in a world where focus is more valuable than even your intelligence.”

I mean if you watch most performers today, you watch most people in business today, you watch most people in your community today, and they are walking while checking their social feeds. They are addicted to the entertainment of video games. They are spending the best hours of their days watching dancing cats on YouTube. I mean it is incredible right now how consumed people are with their tiny white screens and yet if you look at the A-Players, if you look at many of the most creative and productive people on the planet, they’re doing and working in such vastly different ways because if you want to achieve the results only 5% achieve, you’ve got to think and produce and behave like only 5% of the people on the planet.

And the best people on the planet in terms of creativity and productivity are not spending their finest hours addicted to distraction. They are doing work that matters. They’re not doing fake work, they’re doing real work. And so in this Mastery Session I want to walk you through a number of protocols that will really help you multiply your productivity in the finest of ways and I’m going to get right into the first one which is “The 90/90/1 Rule.”

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