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The 90/90/1 Rule: Robin Sharma (Transcript)

Hi, this is Robin Sharma, author of The Leader Who Had No Title, founder of the Titan Academy and a giant and loving and respectful and gently passionate welcome to you for being here with me in this episode of The Mastery Sessions. So, this is gonna be relatively quick and I think relatively strong and hopefully, tremendously valuable to you.

I’m gonna actually walk you through one of the exponentially, one of the exponential productivity routines that I teach at Personal Mastery Academy, and it’s called The 90/90/1 rule.

Before I get into it, I wanna give you a little bit of context for why I’m teaching it or sharing it with you here in this episode. So, we do live in the age of dramatic distraction. Most people, and it’s no judgment, just reporting. But most people really are addicted to their phones and there’s a lot of research showing that it is an addiction.

The same part of the brain responsible for our addiction to technology is the same center where cocaine addiction stems from. And I say this with a lot of respect but there are a lot of very smart people in Silicon Valley and at other technology hubs around the world who really are single-mindedly asking themselves this question.

How can we create apps? How can we create games? How can we create platforms that literally hook people? And if you look at some of the social platforms, they are so brilliant, why? Well, from a neuroscience point of view, they trigger and they dial right into our reward centers. And that’s why you see a lot of people, whether it’s in Rome or in a beautiful and a fun NBA game or maybe it’s Paris or maybe it’s a wonderful meal, and rather than experiencing the meal or the moment, they are literally looking at who is liking their last picture on the social platform of the day. You see people walking, they’re not fully present, they’re dialed in and clinging to their technology.

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