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Home » The Skill of Humor: Andrew Tarvin at TEDxTAMU (Transcript)

The Skill of Humor: Andrew Tarvin at TEDxTAMU (Transcript)

Andrew Tarvin on Humor at TEDxTAMU


Andrew Tarvin – Humor Engineer

Six years ago, I was sitting out with some friends in New York City when I got a notification on my phone. And I was surprised to find that I had a text message from my grandmother.

I was surprised, because my grandmother at the time was 78 years old, and she had never sent a text before.

And I will tell you the first text was adorable. It read, “Dear Andrew, trying out texting. Love, your grandma.”

I was like “Aw, she thinks it’s a letter!”

So I sent her a message back, “Hey grandma, it’s a text. You don’t have to include all that.”

Her response was “Dear Andrew, Okay. Love, your grandma.”

My favorite part is it’s always “Love, your grandma,” like if it was “Love, grandma” I’d be confused.

If it was like, “Dear Andrew, have a good time in Texas. Love, grandma,” I’d be like “Grandma? Who’s grandma?”

But my grandmother’s still figuring some things out.

A couple of years ago, I went to Switzerland for work, came back, sent a message to grandmother: ”Hey grandma, just got back from Switzerland.”

Her response was, ”Dear Andrew, Switzerland? WTF.”

All right, so I called my grandmother up, ”Grandma, what do you think WTF means?”

And she’s like, ”Oh well, someone at Bridge told me it means ‘Wow That’s Fun.”

I was like, ”That is exactly what it means.” I’m not going to explain that to my grandmother.

But over time, I’ve come to realize that I think the world would be a happier place if more people thought WTF — if more people were like my grandmother and thought, “Wow, that’s fun.”

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